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OUR EDGE. your edge.

Our goal is to give an edge through tennis and building blocks in the game of life;

Self-awareness and understanding of the game.
Accountability: to self and group
Basic game technic: keeping it simple  
Stroke development for match play 

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Indoor Introductory Program

At TennisWerx we love working with little ones and help them shape into superstars as they continue to grow within our Academy program.

We help introduce the game of tennis, help them with the very basics, but it's not all about the principles of the game, but it is also about making it fun and at TennisWerx we have so much fun that kids don't want to leave practice. Parents, you've warned.

Our Kids program is our indoor program and is design for kids starting out from zero or no experience, could rage from 3-8 yrs old, however, it varies for every kid depending on their rapid growth.

The kids program is the starting block foundation of our academy.


Outdoor Basic Fundamentals

Our Youth program is the next step in the TennisWerx academy development program, this is where our kids turn into athletes, and gain optimal technical skills that will set them apart from the competition. This program is designed to be outdoors.

Our goal is to continue to provide and give them an edge through the sport of tennis and helping our athletes build their building blocks in life; self-awareness & accountability.

There's no set age range in our Youth program because we understand many players younger or older are going to be in different stages in their tennis development, and that's perfectly fine, this is where we come in and help them be their best in the sport of tennis.


Dynamic Immersive Players

The Werx Advance program is our top tier level in our academy, and this is where we our players get to participate in tournaments, this is what we have been working so hard for.

We believe that a player who is playing tournaments, is someone who is an all around dynamic player, someone who is accountable for their actions, someone that is self-aware of their motives and surroundings, and someone who diligently has been putting in the work to be playing at their best level. You see something familiar here? We hope you do, and that's that all of these core principles that TennisWerx have been working so hard with our players, these are the same values that these players will practice and carry on with life.

FREQUENTLy asked questions

How long are the

Lessons are 1 hour long. However, the lesson package is flexible; and the hours purchased can be used across the week.

What do WE need to

Just your child. We provide all other necessities, such as tennis balls, rackets, water and amazing energy.

WHAT IF WE need to cancel or

No worries. We'll find another day that works to accommodate your child if your availability changes.

Can we try out

Absolutely! For only $60, we provide a 1:1 assessment. We highly recommend this, as it will inform us of next steps.

what size are the

We personalize care and attention, and that's difficult with large groups. Tenniswerx groups consists of up 8 players.

Could we do group and

We believe in putting in the time to become the best. Our highly engaged private lessons offer a higher commitment.

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This blog page is meant to provide additional information about TennisWerX. We provide different exercise movements around tennis and awesome tips to practice right from home. We love your input and feedback as we continue to craft new messages.

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