“My son started at Tennis Werx a couple of months ago. He is only 3.5 yrs. old and is already learning proper technique including foot work (we all know it starts with the feet). The program is more than just a coach standing still and lobbing balls at your child to hit. From footwork drills through creative and energetic games, the staff here does a great job! Coach James really cares for his players and is always available when an issue arises and he works with the parents to find a solution. He and his staff is very in tune with his students. They are very knowledgeable, full of energy and always give plenty of compliments. Each child gets the individual attention they deserve while at the same time emphasizing teamwork and respect. He demands the children pay attention and always give it their all, at the same time keeping lessons interesting and never burning them out. He and his staff know when a child is losing focus and knows when to mix it up with fun games in order to keep their attention. Anyone with a 3-5 yr old knows how challenging this can be. My son asks almost everyday day if he can go and play tennis at Tennis Werx. Personalized gear is available for everybody including shirts with the nicknames that coach James and his staff eventually give each child. The kids learn that through discipline and hard work they can and will improve. My sons ability to take instruction and to listen in a sports environment has improved (I enrolled him in a youth soccer program when he was 18 months old). I was looking forward to getting him involved in tennis at an early age and enrolled him in a parks and rec class at Whitney Mesa. As the weather started to get warmer I started looking for something indoor, as the summers here are way too hot for a child my son’s age. I happened to come across this place when I saw a flyer at a local bagel deli. Coach James and his staff have also been very accommodating to our schedule.”

Robert H.

“My daughter wanted a great coach, not just a good coach. What makes Coach James GREAT, you ask?  My daughter was shy and was almost perceived as she had a chip on her shoulder. Coach James & his team have helped her to blossom so quickly as not only on her way to being a great tennis player, but a confident and respectful young lady.

His method of teaching is quite OUTSTANDING I might add. I’ve even learned a couple things so I can hit some balls with my daughter. I never imagined my daughter would be disappointed if she missed practice, even in the scorching hot sun, she does and now has a passion for the sport.  Shout out to Coach James and the Team!!  Thank you for helping to mold my daughter!!”

Aielyn B.

“A great find…my 4 year old granddaughter is loving privates several times a month and will be starting classes in a week. No pressure…just fun fun fun while learning and working in her coordination. We’ve tried other sports and this is the only sport she likes.”

Shari S.

“TennisWerX is not your typical tennis program for kids! Coach James and his team provide high caliber training programs that are designed to learn the game, fitness, sportsmanship and leadership while having FUN. This is not the typical drop and hit program. My son has been with TennisWerX’s for almost 4 years and watching him grow with the program has been awesome…Especially when he won his first tournament! I highly recommend the TennisWerX program whether your child is new to tennis or has been playing a while. There is a difference and it is TennisWerX!”

Kate Hemingway