Tennis WerX has created a systematic program designed to take your student from any level (beginner/intermediate) to elite tournament level player. (College Scholarship/Elite Level Tournament Player)

We start by developing strokes and body positioning as well as court awareness. Gradually moving them to drop and hit rallies then moving on to drop and hit tournaments. (A Tournament level keeping the gradient fun as well as holding attention span.)

Next, we integrate the players into tournaments in-house by providing certain level tournaments in and amongst our own players (Tennis WerX can provide this by the sheer volume of players within the program in excess of 250).

From this point we enter players into the USTA tournament environment. Our players are better equipped to handle this environment, one that can be difficult if the players and parents are not provided with the tools necessary to survive in an amongst the cut-throat scene that tennis sometimes is.

From this point our players enter the Tennis WerX academy level. We provide match play strategies, upper level strategies, aggressive tendencies as well as defensive tactics. At this level training for speed, power strength, agility, endurance is provided through our extremely intense training programs with a coaching staff trained with three decades of athletic knowledge.

With this gradient level Tennis WerX system a player can get a 100% tennis experience as well as tools for life. BUILDING LEADERS OF TOMORROW IS THE TENNIS WERX PRODUCT.


James Springer
James SpringerOwner and Creator of Tennis WerX
Creating Tennis WerX over a 30 year period of teaching, James has been coaching for three quarters of his life and is the youngest member of the Springer family all of which still coach tennis today. My approach to teaching students is to give them tools for life that begin with tennis using my experiences playing all sports, tennis, basketball, football, soccer, snowboarding, motocross, baseball, BMX freestyle, plus 25 years of fitness training.
Jon Mason
Jon MasonTeaching Pro - Summerlin Location
As a Father of two children, Tennis WerX has given me an opportunity to enjoy working with the generation of tomorrow, something that I deeply care for. I have been playing sports my entire life and teaching tennis is a forward moving concern of all the previous teams and activities that I have enjoyed throughout my life. To say that I love tennis would be a complete understatement. Getting our students the very tools that we see players on the ATP and WTA is extremely satisfying.
Dario Curbelo
Dario CurbeloTennis Coach - Henderson/Summerlin
Working with the children in Tennis WerX program has allowed me to share my boundless energy. The staff here at Tennis WerX has given me the tools to mix with my lifelong joy of playing tennis and teaching tennis to children. At Tennis WerX we get and work with children younger than any other program allowing us to form them as young adults with high responsibility from a very very early age. I believe this gives us as coaches a big advantage over other programs. At Tennis WerX we use a specific coaching strategy at the same time our owners and managers allow us to put our own personality into our daily activity and for this I am very appreciative.
Matt Nelson
Matt NelsonTennis Coach - Henderson/Summerlin
I love coaching the game of tennis to the up and coming superstars and leaders of tomorrow. At Tennis WerX, I develop what the players God given talent is; and squeeze a little more out of them. I also seek to develop players to be the next generation leaders of tomorrow while being fun, , loving, genuine and full of passion. I’ve loved tennis for as long as I can remember. It’s taught me confidence, discipline and being a leader. I enjoy teaching these kids the drive and love for tennis because it could lead to so much more. Also, I love about coaching is being able to affect people’s lives in a positive matter all the while teaching them the best sport there is out there.
Wensey McComb
Wensey McCombPart Owner/Manager - Summerlin Facility
After having my own children go through the Tennis WerX program, I decided to team up and open indoor facilities to better service the community and children in it to develop stars in the game of tennis. What I appreciate most about owning and running the Tennis WerX Facility is I get to have a hands on job not only with a game I love but the relationships we build with our clientele. Our staff here at Tennis WerX is like a family at no time do I feel as if I am at a job. Tennis WerX is something I love like an extension of myself. Here at Tennis WerX they refer to me as “Coach Awesomeness” something that instantly brings a smile to the childrens faces.
Jon Mason
Jon MasonTennis Coach
Working with children is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had the pleasure of having thus far in life. Being able to come in everyday and help the youth of the world reach their goals in tennis and life has given me such a purpose in life that I was missing before this opportunity.
Tennis is one of the most intense physical sports out there and I love sharing my passion for that. Competition drives everything in life and I want to be the one that instills that in every child that walks through the door. The fact that they become amazing tennis players is just an extra bonus.

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