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Tennis lessons at TennisWerX are truly one of a kind. You will find no other indoor tennis facility here in Las Vegas, NV that teaches only kids. We work hard to bring your child from beginner all the way to pro! Our staff is very sincere and have been playing and teaching tennis for many years of their lives.
Kids only? Yep! TennisWerX is made specifically for kids. We love them! Kids are so enthusiastic and it’s better to start them off at a young age then older as an adult! Guess what? We even teach toddlers! No other indoor tennis facility does this! We are truly one of a kind and take kids seriously. We treat them as equals and peers rather than students. Here at TennisWerX, we even give a nickname to every single student!
TennisWerX realizes you or your child has a busy schedule; therefore, we are here to help, we are very flexible with our schedules and will make sure your child can get a lesson in! We always introduce special class times since it is no longer summer vacation and school is back. We try to make your life as easy as possible!